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DFAT 2011: Lachi's Sans Rival

Unknown | Saturday, May 28, 2011 | 4comments
Lachi's Davao
Lachi's! Lachi's! Kapag Lachi's, ang maalaala ko lang 'eh Sans Rival Cakes, my fave cakes of all the cakes. I've been crazy and drooling over Goldilocks and Red Ribbon's Sans Rival Cakes. I don't think that they have the same taste. Lachi's still the best! Well, let's explore what Lachi's can offer to their drooling customers. DROOL!

They have this Periodic Table of the Desserts where you can find the highest-lowest calorie content of a dessert plus their funny scientific names. I really had a hard time looking for having the highest calorie content but thanks to Ate Dulce Rose Lara for helping me out. Guess what? I really need to eat lots of lots of Banana Split! Fingers crossed! :)

DFAT 2011 Team in action, and hungry!

Damn the fridge is full of cakes! But the bad thing is that, "I DON'T EAT ANY KIND OF DURIAN DELICACIES.", even cakes or candies. Yikes. But according to the Lachi's owners Melvin and Mike Aviles, who are actually twins by the way, Durian Sans Rival is their best selling dessert. Still, I don't have the guts to try that out. :)

NOM NOM NOM. You can't leave the crib without trying their best-est desserts, from tarts to cakes, yummy chocolate and frozen cakes, plus their top-selling Sans Rival Cakes (their specialty). NOM NOM. Tulo laway ever! :)

Lachi's is not about desserts. And don't dare to look at those pictures! You should try them all!

Well, if you're hungry, don't hesitate to visit Lachi's Sans Rival atbp. crib located at Ruby Street, Marfori Heights, Davao City. Still confused? Check the Foursquare link: https://foursquare.com/venue/3258221 to give you directions. :)

Address: VAL Building, Ruby Street, Marfori Heights, Davao City
Contact Numbers: +6382-2245552 and +63916-9841183
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