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Searching for the perfect match?

Unknown | Sunday, July 21, 2013 | 4comments
I'm 20. Getting the borderline of loveless. Does it mean there's no perfect match for me?

I was thinking, I want to have a right girlfriend at the right time in the right place. That was 4 years ago. That 4-year duration of searching for the right girl was so difficult, I guess one of the toughest. If not, the hardest.

During that 4-year timeline, I was able to mingle with different girls. One there, she was a call center agent. She was active in night time. But how about day time? Always sleeping. I remember that I invited her to have movie date, but I guess when I called her, she was sleeping. 2 in the afternoon. Scourging hot outside. 32 degrees. But no one is answering the call. The worst thing she did was when I came to her office in IT Park and bought some snacks for her. It was 12 midnight. Mosquitoes bit me. Waiting for her break for like 3 hours. I kept on calling her phone, but sad to say she left her phone in the locker while she was having her work. After 3 hours, I left her food with a letter on it saying, "This would be the last. Thanks for loving and waiting me." I left the place at 4 in the morning. Worth waiting.

After few days, I didn't receive any calls from her, even a single text message. But I was expecting for that thing to come. I'm that kind of person that can easily forget those trouble times. And yes, for that short span of time, I forgot her.

After a month, I met this pretty awesome girl in school in her sophomore years. That was my first time I saw this pretty creature. I'm kinda good in stalking people, so I was able to know her background. She's studying Education major in Biology. Been to a lot of beauty pageants in their hometown, and also taking her courage to join major beauty pageants in the city. Yeah, I know, she's a good looking person. She was my inspiration for 3 months. Because of my strong connections with her closest friends, I was able to talk to her, heart to heart. Exchanging quotes and jokes over text messages, and even talking on phone for 3 hours per night.

We consider our relationship as "close friends". But because of our sudden closeness to each other, there are times that something is rumbling over my mind. I was getting paranoid when she joined in a modeling group. No texts, calls or even communication over Facebook. Her timeline is all about this modeling group. And there was a rumor that she was currently dating this tall and good looking guy from the group. Oh well, I guess that it girl is not for me.

Until now, I don't have any news from her. Well I guess she found her knight and shining armor. How sad she didn't pick me to be part of her love story.

While I'm desperate to find the perfect match of my love story, there is this simple girl, on her pony-tailed hair, with interesting mole in her upper lips. We're about of the same age, 20. She's funny, funny to be with. One talk and everyone will laugh that there's no tomorrow. But for her, it is a normal talk. She keeps on complaining that we made her a laughing stuff.

I met her in my working place. She came all the way from the mountains with copper and gold beneath. Her hometown seems to be an interesting place to live. There are lots of gold and minerals, just like her face. Shining like a diamond. I asked her frankly, "Why you're so beautiful?", then she answered, "because I am.", then everyone in the office laughed out loud because of the way she delivered the message. She is so funny, really. All-in-one, full package. It's like, I want to bring her home like a stuffed toy.

Now, I'm still searching for the right girl. I guess the mole girl will complete the criteria. But the question is, is she the right one? Will God continue to write my love story? Or someone else is waiting for my presence? Then the who?
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Anonymous said...

who is the mole girl? sounds interesting.

but i guess this story is funny. idk how are you able to survive your lovelife. better ask papa jack. haha!

nice one rabsky!

Honey said...

Haha. Raviiii! Susubaybayan ko tong love story mo. There is always someone for each of us! Hindi pwedeng di mo aya makilala. Mwa.

Unknown said...

Hala ka ravi! bago lang nako na visit imong blog. hahahaha.. keep waiting for the right girl.. and keep striving to be the right man in every girl's dream ;)

Anonymous said...


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